Who Should Attend ?

Ask yourself these questions, If the answer is yes to any of them, then this workshop is for you!

We have packed this workshop with invaluable processes, teaching, resources, activities, and a roadmap to business success. The value of this workshop is in the tens of thousands of dollars, but after building over 3000 business, we have found a way to get you all the things listed here for pennies on the dollar.

Heres what you can expect to takeaway from the event:

In Hand

  • Everyone receives their business binder which is to be filled with the tools and resources you will use to build your business, or restructure your current business before, during and after the workshop.
  • You will be provided with over 17 step-by-step checklists for every stage of successful business development. A few examples are:
    • Research your target audience.
    • Creating a memorable company identity.
    • Checking out the competition.
    • Building your personnel structure.
    • Renting a space or home office set up.
    • Equipment, software, and technology needed.
    • Legal and Licensing.
  • You will be given questions to ask professionals and others who may be involved in your business. How do you know what you don’t know to ask? A few examples:
    • Questions to ask when choosing an attorney.
    • Questions to ask potential partners.
    • Questions to ask an accountant.
    • Questions to ask potential investors.
  • Professional Business Plan
  • Customized Branding Concept & Package
  • Video testimonial for your website, blog, social medial and any other places you’d like to share

Resource list of tools, services and resources that are paid and FREE that will enable your business to reach new heights.


  • 61 step-by-step system to implement with the PBC support staff online
  • Learn your strengths, and how to live a life based on them.
  • Teachings on systems & processes
  • Hands on experience using tools for maximizing profits while providing cutting edge customer service
  • Learn from our experts, who have created many companies, they know what works and what does not and will share their advice and experiences.
  • Step by step processes to work within to avoid the common mistakes business make
  • How to use the PBC team , in the capacity of talent on demand
  • How to avoid multiple vendor chaos
  • How to sell more by doing what you do best
  • Marketing plans
  • Current Marketing Landscape
  • How to get the right kind of funding for your business
  • Formation of the perfect elevator pitch
  • UVP defining
  • Sales pitch
  • Realtime experience trying out your new business concept idea on people.
  • 12-month roadmap and resources to stay lean and build a profitable business.


  • Surrounded yourself with the PBC Team, executives and their guest speakers who are dedicated to your success.
  • Meet other entrepreneurs who share your ambition, and dreams. You will create a new circle of people who are encouraging and understanding in the things you are building.
  • Meet potential customers/clients for your new business
  • You will be able to attend events hosted by PBC, filled with your new connections
  • Your business will be added to our directory, encouraging business between PBC business owners.
  • Learn valuable communication and networking techniques

VIP Accommodations & Activities

    • Indulge in a resort dedicated to creating an inspired learning experience.
    • Enjoy first class food, and spend time in a classy environment
    • Join us in our formal awards gala with music and dancing to celebrate your new business

Your family can enjoy the resort while you are building your legacy, and then after the daily workshop spend time with them and have them spend time with the group to see the support and people you are working with to help them support your new business.