Attend our next Land Workshop in Utah, or our Sea workshop to Caribbean!

What Should I Expect?


The minute you sign up you will begin the journey and start receiving communications via email. We will be sending you several things to do prior so we can get more done during the activities within the workshop.

To get the most out of the workshop, you will need to complete all the required steps. We only have three days to dive deep and define, structure and build your conversion foundation. We can do it if you commit to our pre-workshop process.

We have worked with over 3,000 businesses in different industries, we know what works and what does not. Help us give you the most out of your three days by trusting the system.

Day One

If they know, like, and trust you they will buy from you! But if they don’t quickly understand what you do and how they need what you have you won’t convert the opportunity into a sale.

The first day will be filled with networking and education through individual and group activities, not lectures. You will meet the leaders & facilitators of this system as well as others who share your desire to grow their business through conversions. We will walk you through proven processes and systems, and have created activities that will deep into yourself, your business, and your clients in a way that no one has ever done.

These activities are fun but more importantly impactful, taught by facilitators who will move you. In just one day, you will understand the difference in conversion tools verses marketing efforts!

Your elevator pitch, UVP, why, view on your business, and understanding of your clients will never be the same after the first day. Doing verses talking makes all the difference, and having professionals and others willing to help dive down deep and truly define will be the key factors of massive change and impact.

Day Two

The second day you will put everything from day one into action! Time to use the 10 practice studios to take your day one discoveries and start to build your conversion foundation .

On day two we will build the content and visual boards to create your videos, infographics, explainer videos, press release, 20 social post, and practice your elevator pitch at our pitch panel session, until they are perfect!

At the end of the day, you will feel confident and be able to articulate quickly what is needed to convert your opportunity into a sale both on and offline!

Day Three

Production and use day! This is the day where we will actually produce the videos to use on your website, in emails, on social platforms and many other places! We have 3 professional studios set up to record the following for you: Why video, Elevator pitch, UVP, Thank you /Feedback, Testimonial for fellow business, and they will record one for your business!

These videos can also be used for training people, freeing up your time to connect and educate your prospects. You are the best closer for your business, so use these tools to free you up and get out from behind your desk.

While waiting for your studio time we will show you how to use your new tools which are your Infographic, explainer video, 20 social post, your press release, videos, and your award!

These tools will be in place so now when you hire a marketer (whether us or another) you will truly be able to get sales from their efforts. Like we said, you need conversion, not marketing!

At the end of this amazing day we will have our formal gala where you will fine dine and be called up to receive your award. It will all be filmed and put into your event sizzle reel! We will also take pictures so you can use in your marketing.

Then afterwards, dance and have fun ! We know that time is limited but if you can swing it we recommend you opt in for one more night. If that is not possible, we have planned your workshop for maximum impact in the shortest time possible!

You will be paired up with others and work on your own UVP, and elevator pitches. Communication is the key to your success, we help you craft the perfect Unique Value Proposition which will make your business concept a must have to your client base. Then once we do that, we will help you manifest the perfect “elevator pitch”. An elevator pitch is a 20-30 second intro to your business that will create interest in your product or service. A good elevator pitch can open the doors in every direction for your business including new business transactions, investor attention, press coverage, and marketing success.

At a bare minimum, you will walk away with a business plan, branding of your website, logo, A powerful UVP, elevator pitch, and your first video testimonial as well as much more!.

You will have the option to implement a 12 month proven roadmap, that will maneuver you around common start up mistakes.

Then at the end of this powerful workshop we will have a formal gala, where you will be able to spend time networking with the PBC thought leaders, investors and the others that have attended. The room will be filled with people for you to pitch your new business to. At this gala, there will also be our award ceremony, where you can get your picture taken with our keynote speakers, and be recognized in front of your peers and family for standing out among all the others for different categories.

Video Creation

We will be creating and editing your videos for you! In as little as two weeks you will receive all your videos edited and ready to use! We will be coaching you and working with you at our practice stations to deliver your information with a fluidity that you never knew possible!

The video testimonials you will receive about your business from your workshop partner will help you convert more prospects! Read a testimonial, maybe your prospect believes it. But when they see and hear it, they will believe! Combine these with your written testimonials and watch your consumer confidence jump!


Are you typically uncomfortable in a group of people? Are you not sure how to open up a conversation at times? We have a communication system that makes it easy to start up a conversation with anyone based on your or their personality strengths. As part of the workshop you will learn your strengths and the people who are easiest for you to connect with. Our event help you discover that networking can be easy and fun!

You will be able to meet other like minded people and be part of our mastermind group. If you enjoy this workshop and the people you meet, you will have the opportunity to come to our other retreats as well as attend our networking events. Keeping yourself surrounded by people that share your kindred entrepreneur spirit will allow you keep your fire ignited and continue to push your business forward.

You will be grouped with people based on your strengths, and this will help ensure the perspectives given are well rounded and empower you with the ability to relate to other people’s strengths in your materials .

You will learn JV opportunity development skills and possibly meet potential clients at the workshop! Most importantly, in our format is you get real-time feedback on your business model, presentations, and the tools to be created. This will help you adjust and tweak your business model presentation, in real-time, based on consumer feedback so that your message is an instant success! We assure you this feedback is priceless!

Gala Awards

The Gala is a formal event, not business or business casual. It is an opportunity to look as good as you feel and strut your stuff! There will be food, music, and fun to celebrate the ignition of your business! We will also be giving you an award and film the entire process. Afterwards we will also take your picture with the facilitators, to be used on in your marketing materials .