What makes this workshop different?

Most conferences and workshops have various speakers who do a great job of telling you WHY
you want to do something and they may go one step further and tell you WHAT you need to do,
but rarely do they tell you exactly HOW (unless you sign up for their programs). And, even then
you may have to figure it out on your own as you go through their course(s) or coaching

This is truly a “WORK” Shop, where you will be working hard every day to build important Digital
Marketing assets, writing and revising scripts, refining and practicing these scripts, and getting
in front of cameras with fully equipped studios. You don’t just learn what to say, you learn how
to say it better, test it out with peers and then you DO IT!

Following the workshop, you will be assigned a Success Manager who will work side-by-side
with you to have you provide everything that the creative team needs to deliver back to you
thousands of dollars worth of top quality professional marketing tools that will provide a
conversion foundation for building your business.

Day 1

Define : Deep Dive

  • You, your strengths and personal brand
  • Your business, how it adds value to the marketplace, and your ideal customers

Day 2

Refine : Scripting the Business Building deliverables

  • 7 Key Live videos
  • 1 Explainer/animated video
  • 1 Infographic
  • 1 Press Release

Day 3

Shine : Recording and Coaching

  • Live videos including testimonials
  • Pitch to a Panel of Investors




NETWORKING Opportunities Galore

  • Delicious Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners
  • Cocktail parties with entertainment
  • Grand Finale Gala with live entertainment

PLUS – First class accommodations are part of the package