In early 2020 two powerhouses — Phoenix Business Cycle and Angel Investors Network — merged into one goliath firm offering advanced angel investing and business-building services. The merged company operates under the Angel Investors Network brand and has 3 locations in the US and 4 abroad. Angel Investors Network is co-led by CEO Jeff Barnes and CEO Audra Hajj. The merger has enabled the firm to modernize a 70-year old system and bring better investment and business solutions to a wider client base of investors and entrepreneurs.

Phoenix Business Cycle, a business building and reconstruction company formed in 2006, based in Utah with four international offices, specializes in helping entrepreneurs build their business upon a solid foundation with proven business building methodologies. Nearly two decades of business-building experience enabled Phoenix Business Cycle to develop a
revolutionary due diligence system based on blockchain technology that addresses the key
investor concerns while training entrepreneurs.

Angel Investors Network, formed in 1997, was the first online community of angel investors, helping thousands of investors and entrepreneurs succeed and create wealth through the power of angel investing. It made a name for itself providing investors with quality deal flow with maximum returns on their investment while helping businesses gain access to training, resources, and tools to create winning opportunities.

During the short time since the merger, AIN has launched 3 major initiatives and programs. All of the initiatives, programs, and services interconnect with each other to create the most comprehensive business building and investment ecosystem ever seen.

Ascension Exchange

Our first major launch is the Ascension Exchange App which is the first matching app dedicated to Investors and Businesses. It utilizes the user’s profile to match potential business investment opportunities with Investors looking for specific types of opportunities based upon their portfolio

As an entrepreneur, your business can be found by investors around the globe in different industries, verticals, and with different investment appetites. You will be matched with Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Private Equity Managers, Family Offices, and even Fortune 500
companies! Additionally, you can network with other businesses to facilitate growth and assistance within the community.

For Investors, the Ascension Exchange provides quality deal flow at their fingertips. As an investor, we also allow you to filter and find investment opportunities that fit your portfolio and then provide you with all the relevant information you need to form an investment decision. You
get to see important information about each business, including an elevator pitch video, investment deck, business plan, and more to base your investment decisions on.

5 Star Business Success Ranking System

The second innovation is the 5-Star rating system to assess and rank business success and investment readiness. This system is broken into 5 stars, with 12 quadrants each. Each quadrant in the stars relates directly to our proprietary due diligence system and is awarded to our businesses for achieving milestones needed to strengthen their business. They achieve these milestones by working within our user-friendly technology stack, collaborating with qualified advisors, and receiving the assets and training to create strong evolving companies.

This means that a business that has completed all 60 points is built upon a solid foundation for growth and long term success, that the business has the proper tools and assets for profitability and scalability, and that the leadership team is competent and properly trained to navigate the new global market.

As an investor, you can see that we truly are reinventing the way you will be able to invest in companies. We minimize all investment risks while facilitating smart money investments. We are welcomed into our business operational environments, and help them from the inside out building a lean efficient business. You have the opportunity not only to invest in these high-quality companies but make a difference in the community.

$1 Million Impact Fund

Our third and biggest initiative launched since the merger is the Impact Fund. AIN is pledging $1 million worth of time, resources, teams, and capital to help business owners get back up and running as the economy reopens. We have allocated this money for the fund from our operational expenses. The fund will be contributed to businesses that qualify, in order to maximize the products and services that AIN provides them.

Here’s how the program works:

Companies that need marketing, operations, and human resources services may apply to work with AIN.

If a company qualifies for assistance from AIN, it will receive all services at matched in kind rate from the fund.

AIN will partner with these companies to provide staff and services on-demand to rebuild the companies.

AIN will also provide its teams, tools, resources, and technology to implement marketing and growth strategies for the companies.

As demonstrated by our recent initiatives, the future of business building, and investing in businesses is changing and AIN is leading that change through cutting edge technology and commitment to excellence. Would you join us as we reimagine the investment landscape?