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What Stage Is Your Business at Right Now?

Which of these three options best describes your business building needs?


If you are thinking about starting a business, you are one of 627,000 others every year. The statistic that you do NOT want to be part of is the 20% that fail in the first year or 50% that fail before reaching year 5.
Angel Investors Network has been helping businesses for more than two decades to launch, build, and scale their ideas, and dreams into a real business. We know what it takes to get your business off the ground and take it from just an idea or something you've written down on the back of a napkin and turn it into a real business that is built on a solid foundation for success.


Building a business is hard work! You may have found it to be the hardest thing you have ever tried to do. Not only do you have to understand your product, your market, sales, marketing, operations, finances, you also have to be a leader. You also have to learn how to manage people and lead teams and get the job done, while still managing to keep a grip on your sanity and balance your work/family time. Let's face it, being the CEO or founder of a growing business is nearly impossible, especially the first time around. Not only does everybody need you, your advice, and to download what's going on inside of your head, but they still need you to do a lot of the work!
Are you tired of working IN your business, rather than ON it?


Traditional ways of seeking investment are often ineffective and waste a lot of your time. The reason is that they choose the wrong starting point. Once your business reaches a certain milestone, generally in the seven to eight-figure range it's very difficult to scale it up without a massive infusion of capital, especially for a technology or software company that requires a significant amount of manpower or development.
Angel Investors Network has built the most advanced due diligence process that's going to make your business a magnet for investors. Our method gives business owners more control over their time while improving their profitability which attracts funding.
Are you ready to scale and grow your business through external investment?


The recent merger of Phoenix Business Cycle and Angel Investors Network has enabled us to bring our cutting edge proprietary investment system to a growing network of investors with a wide range of investment interests. Our state of the art application Ascension Exchange ensures better due diligence, reduces capital risk, and brings quality deal flow to its members while continuing to help entrepreneurs launch, build, and scale their business through proven methodologies and automate their businesses for accelerated results.
Are you ready to learn how we build better businesses for you to Invest in?

Our Facilitators & Entertainers

Jamie Bunten

Jamie has been a business owner and trainer for more than two decades. During that time he also served in various mission-critical roles within the US Army Special Forces....

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Audra Hajj

Audra Hajj is the Founder & CEO of Phoenix Business Cycle LLC. She is also the creator of this workshop! She believed in getting things done, which is why...

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Nancy Mayer

Nancy Mayer is a profit strategist and business builder who has built several businesses and has helped others to become a “Top 500 fastest growing company”. She also...

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