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Where are you in the Business Builder Lifecycle?

Which of the following stages best describes where you are now?

Create and Launch Your Business

This is not a seminar, this is a workshop where we will build and teach you how to run your business successfully by implementing proven methodologies. You will walk away with a business plan, logo, website, marketing plan, knowledge, and 12 months worth of staff to push you into business success.

Accelerate Current Business & Network

We will restructure your operations and marketing while giving you transparence as well, as control over productivity and growth.  We will take your business to the next level, by building a strength-based culture. When you change your circle by adding thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and doers, your life changes instantly.

Where is the next one?

Land Workshops

Sea Workshops

Our Speakers & Entertainers

Roger Salam

Roger Salam is an award-winning inspirational speaker, mentor, best-selling author, Real Estate investor & global Mastermind leader. The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors awarded him “Thought Leader of the...

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Jamie Bunten

Jamie has been a business owner and trainer for more than two decades. During that time he also served in various mission-critical roles within the US Army Special Forces....

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Audra Hajj

Audra Hajj is the Founder & CEO of Phoenix Business Cycle LLC. She has help build and restructure over 3000 business since 2006. Her teaching, marketing and sys-tems are...

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Val Martinez

Over the last 15 years, Val Martinez has created 2 successful businesses including, his hit show, “Walk Like A Man” a tribute to Frankie Valli, based on his time...

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