The minute you sign up you will begin the journey and start receiving communications via email. We will be sending you several things to do prior so we can get more done during the activities within the workshop.

To get the most out of the workshop, you will need to complete all the required steps. We only have three days to dive deep and define, structure, and build your conversion foundation. We can do it if you commit to our pre-workshop process.

Once at the workshop, you will be paired up with others and work on your own UVP, and elevator pitches. Communication is the key to your success, we help you craft the perfect Unique Value Proposition which will make your business concept a must-have to your client base. Then once we do that, we will help you manifest the perfect “elevator pitch”.

The final day, we will record the following with you: Why video, Elevator pitch, UVP, Thank you/Feedback, Testimonial for fellow business, and they will record one for your business! These videos can also be used for training people, freeing up your time to connect and educate your prospects. You are the best closer for your business, so use these tools to free you up and get out from behind your desk.

While waiting for your studio time we will show you how to use your new tools which are your Infographic, explainer video, 20 social posts, your press release, videos, and your award presentation video. These tools will be in place so now when you hire a marketer (whether us or another) you will truly be able to get sales from their efforts. As we said, you need conversion, not marketing.

So if you’re sick and tired of working 16 to 20 hours a day, and not seeing the profits and growth that you work so hard for, The DFY Workshop is your first step to the change you need.