Who is Phoenix Business Cycle?



Phoenix Business Cycle is pioneering the way small to large-sized companies are doing business both on and offline. After owning several successful businesses, Audra Hajj began helping other business owners streamline and optimize their companies and quickly discovered a common thread; they were either dealing with multiple vendor chaos or spreading themselves too thin by trying to do everything themselves. Both of which were costing them precious time, money and resources. Audra designed a program to assist these owners based on her own proven methodologies that created such successful businesses under her ownership. Now with more than 3,000 success stories, she is presenting this program to new business owners that are looking to save time and money and make their dreams a reality.

Multiple vendor chaos:

Are you looking at hiring, or have you already hired vendors to help with mission critical departments such as branding, marketing, R&D, sales, or HR? Are you unsure of how to coordinate and manage these departments or find yourself spending too much time trying to manage multiple vendor chaos and getting too few results? You are not alone, this is a very common place many business owners find themselves. Our system can eliminate this stage and give you back almost 60% of your time.

DIY Stage:

Like many new business owners, you may find yourself spending too much time working IN your business rather than ON your business. More than 75% of new business owners find themselves taking on 3-6 different employee roles in an effort to save time and money. If you are doing their job, who is doing yours? Who is giving their full attention to help your business grow, thrive, and be better positioned for the future? You have the brilliant idea, what you need is to surround yourself and business with the skillsets you don’t have in order to build and grow your business quickly. We have the solution for you to do this for pennies on the dollar, compared to what most others spend!