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Investor Eco System Workshop

Why are we doing this?

We are here to create an eco-system for business investment that gives the investor and the entrepreneur both the tools they need to build a relationship that will facilitate transparency. This will result in better communications to achieve exponential growth through knowledge, systems, and implementation.

Technology has changed the way we live and do business. By using technology, mixed with the desire to build a stronger economic structure, we feel helping facilitate the investment of smart money will create legacies for both the investors and entrepreneurs while positively impacting their communities.

How do we do this?

We use our proprietary due diligence technology built for launching and restructuring business since 2006. This solution solves the top 5 problems that investors have, which are: Proper Due Diligence, Team & Leadership Risk, Capital Risk Reduction, Quality Deal Flow, and Lack of Time.

What makes us different?

We are not a specific type of investment group. We are an eco-system built for facilitating investment growth through due diligence and systemization which is needed whether you are an Angel Investor, Venture Capital Investor, Crowd Funding Facilitator, or an Institutional Lender.
Both the entrepreneur and investor want to see a return on their investment, but until now that need was fueled by good intentions and limited resources.
Technology has changed everything in our life, including how investors should invest in companies. We have created a proprietary investment system, built from our experience working with over 3,000 business since 2006. This system addresses the challenges you as an investor have when it comes to due diligence risk, team & leadership risk, capital risk, and quality deal flow.

We save you time and money by putting your investment considerations into our vetting system. If you have struggling investments, we can work with them through our system, and give you a true inside deep dive perspective to make your next step decisions.

Angel Investors

Angel Investing is where new wealth creation happens, and Phoenix Business Cycle is where Angels get their wings. We save you time & stress, bring you qualified deal flow, create an efficient capital structure, expertly managed risk reduction, and schedule your monetization exit.

Venture Capital Investors

In poker parlance deferring pain is akin to “turning over more cards,” when, in fact the odds are heavily stacked against you. Can the investment pay off? Yes. Is it likely to be successful? No. These VCs will generally argue “The company has the right elements; they are just trying to find the right product/market fit,” when the financially rational step might be to say “Management gave its all. We tried our best. But these are the risks of early-stage investing and this unfortunately, is one of our losers.”

We have changed the game and stacked the cards in your favor. Our proprietary system addresses the following challenges you have when it comes to due diligence risk, team & leadership risk, capital risk, and quality deal flow.

Attend our 3 day workshop where you will learn the intimate details of our Investors Business Eco System. Bring with you one of your “ pet projects” to put into our entrepreneur conversion first/marketing second workshop. Here is what that business will get in just three days:

The deliverables alone are worth over $15,000! We want to show you what we do rather than just talk about it.