The past 70 years have seen little improvement in the way investors invest in small businesses, that is until now! At Angel Investors Network we are revolutionizing the investment landscape through technology and proven business-building methodologies that ensure maximum returns on every single investment opportunity!

You heard that right. Every single investment.

We have been assisting investors for the past two decades and in that time we have become closely acquainted with the top challenges faced by investors. Our advanced due diligence system addresses these top concerns while limiting the risk, maximizing investment returns, and bringing quality deal flow.

Through our 5 star, 60 point business rating program we minimize investment risk through our proven abilities to build better companies from the inside out. This offers elevated due diligence, transparency, automation, and systemization, all while saving our investors’ time. Angel investors get the same resources and tools that VCs use but at a fraction of the cost.

Our five-star rating system gives entrepreneurs star rankings for achieving milestones needed to strengthen their business. They achieve these milestones by working within our user-friendly technology stack, collaborating with qualified advisors, receiving the assets needed to create strong evolving companies, and the training to use these assets efficiently.

Each star has 12 quadrants that are tied to a specific item of due diligence. With the star ranking, you can choose businesses that are committed to growth and have greater potential for returns.

Our 5 star, 60 point system is a proven formula for facilitating profitable investments by creating better businesses to invest in through and through. Once you see our star ranked businesses you wouldn’t want to invest any other way!

If you are an Investor and would like to learn more about this system, and/or possibly being a
member of the Pitch Panel, reach out to our CEO Audra Hajj right now!