Are you getting a good ROI on your marketing?

Are your sales and marketing strategies disjointed?

Do your sales & marketing teams struggle with alignment in purpose, process and outcome?

How much time, money and resources are wasted in this conflict?

In-effective content marketing costs businesses 959 million dollars a year!

Sales and marketing misalignment is the #1 reason a company’s revenue stagnates.

When sales and marketing aren’t aligned, up to 91% of potential ROI is lost on your marketing investment and 50% of your sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting!

Aligning these departments can bring you a 32% revenue growth!


Phoenix Business Cycle will realign your marketing and sales, upleveling that intersection where the two converge and conversions happen.

This is where the money is made!

We have taken our in-office training, Velocity Conversions, which helped companies for over a decade progress from concept to million dollar companies and moved it off-site.

Our DFY Business Builder Workshop is a 3-day workshop held at either the 4.5 star Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah or a 7-day at Sea Workshop aboard Royal Carribean.

We have designed this workshop so that sales and marketing goals and teams are aligned for conversions. Just so we are absolutely clear…This is NOT a seminar! We will not be speaking at you or your staff, this is a WORKSHOP! We roll up our sleeves, get dirty and work hard with 70% of our time in a facilitated action model! Through this approach a deeper understanding of the company WHY, mission and UVP-Unique Value Proposition is gained–setting your company up for greater success!

Why take our training off-site?

We have found through research and development, that we can give you better results by removing your sales and marketing management from the office. Outside their environment, they drop their guard and break habits, as they are removed from the department’s daily internal rifts, opening them up psychologically to see new perspectives and ways of doing things and working together more united in purpose.

How we do it…

We offer an immersive experience that gives you not only the tangible materials you need for more conversions, but the outcome you are looking for, and an audience outside of your internal reach to practice on. We infuse the workshop with industry experts, peers and facilitators that give the critical feedback that validates the need to shift mindset, patterns and procedures and then the direction , and deliverables to make it happen.

Added Bonus: We help companies become strength-based. Through the Gallup Strengths Assessment and creation of Team Grids, we help them understand their Top 5 Strengths to get maximum productivity from each person and working group. We will teach you how to use a strength-based team grid at our workshop, helping companies create a productive and happy culture. A culture that will attract new employees, retain current ones, and accelerate growth within your business.

During our 3-day workshop, we will help you build the following deliverables, worth over $15,000!

7 Fully Edited Videos:

  • Elevator Pitch Video (before & after)
  • “Why Video”  (before & after)
  • Unique Value Proposition Video (before & after)
  • Testimonials from other business owners about your business value
  • Feedback Request Video– A follow up to service or product
  • Sizzle Reel from event
  • Explainer Animated Video

Marketing Tools:

  • Infographic
  • 20 Custom Designed Social Posts
  • Press Release

Culture Implementation:

  • Strength Assessment
  • A 30-day drip on how to use your Top 5 Strengths
  • A Team Strengths Grid

If you are looking for conversions and your marketing ROI is low, let us help you realign and make conversions happen!

Sometimes to grow inside your company, you have to go outside and do things you have never done before! If you are looking for conversions and your marketing ROI is low, let us help you realign and make conversions happen! You and your key staff, will return to the office ready to break old habits and create a united and strength-based culture.

Join us at the next DFY Business Builder Workshop held September 20th-22nd at the Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah

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