Attend our next Land Workshop in Utah, or our Sea workshop to Caribbean!

What is included?

What is included?

We have packed this workshop with invaluable processes, teaching, resources, activities, and a roadmap to business success. The value of this workshop is in the tens of thousands of dollars, but after building over 3,000 business we have found a way to get you all the things listed here for pennies on the dollar.

We have a corporate training program called Velocity Conversion, where we go into corporate America and realign sales and marketing, which are always at odds with one another! This workshop let’s them and you have this program for less due to this format.


Yes, done for you deliverables! You will receive not only the knowledge and understanding of conversions, you will also receive actual deliverables that are done for you. These deliverables will be presented to you within two weeks of the workshop. Here is what you recieve:

Videos: The videos will be recorded at the event using the teachings and activities you did to produce powerful conversion videos. Included is the coaching, recording on green screen, editing, and ownership.

Videos produced and delivered are as follows:

  • Elevator pitch
  • Unique Value Proposition – UVP
  • Why video
  • Thank you / Feedback video
  • Testimonial video
  • Explainer video – With voiceover choice of man or woman
  • Sizzle reel from event
  • Video of receiving your award

Conversion tools :

We will professionally create both content and visual graphics for the following tools to help convert potential prospects into clients, for both on and offline conversions.

  • Infographic
  • Explainer Video , scripting, tonality, storyboard, graphics, and licensing rights .
  • 20 custom designed social post on new discovery points of conversion / engagement.
  • Press Release Written, Syndicated, and Reporting

Pitch Our Investors Panel

If you are wanting an investor to accelerate your business growth, then this is the event you MUST attend! You will have the opportunity to perfect your pitch, and if you feel you are ready, PITCH to our pitch panels. If not, this is a learning opportunity that could be life changing


Yes, you know your business, but can you truly engage and articulate the benefits to others in a short period of time? Are your sales and marketing departments aligned with your why, UVP, and can they nail a 40 second elevator pitch?

We find that if you are an established business, you may need to take a couple steps back to move forward your sales & marketing! If you are a new business you will launch with an unfair advantage by learning conversion before marketing!

We will do activities that will open up your mind, heart, and business. These are interactive to dig in deep activities to produce an immediate impact on your business.

Here is how we deliver knowledge:

  • Format 30/70 – 70% activities
  • Creative canvases
  • Strength partnering
  • Focus group settings
  • Pitch panels
  • Round table interactions
  • One on one
  • Focus on strengths Vrs. weaknesses
  • Practice, rinse and repeat
  • See, listen, produce, delete , do again
  • Facilitator vrs. Speaker format

You will enjoy this immersive learning experience, crafted to perfection and result driven. Time is valuable so we pack in with what you need for results and remove all the additional non relevant chatter.


A new level of networking! We do everything based on your top 5 strengths as the core for connection and relationship building. In this workshop, you will find a safe place to ask questions, grow, both personally and professionally.

Here are some things that we have done to facilitate instant connection and results:

  • Strength assessments
  • Chat groups
  • Meet & greets
  • Directory
  • Meals
  • Cocktail parties
  • Sunrise serenity
  • Created an inviting , comfortable environment
  • Private Facebook group for continual connection after workshop
  • Entertainment
  • Rocking MC
  • Facilitator selection based on personality, and desire to serve.

These are just a few things we have done to make this workshop easy to connect at. Our activity format is fun and result driven, so we pre screened the people attending so you all are aligned the moment you walk through the door!

VIP Accommodations & Activities

The environment is a huge part of our workshop experience! The resorts or the cruise liners we select are carefully screened prior to selection. We are family friendly and have activities for all!

Fall events for example are held in an are of amazing beauty and the season is felt! The decor will represent the season as well.

Expect the following for accommodations :

  • Indulge in a resort dedicated to creating an inspired learning experience.
  • Enjoy first class food, and spend time in a classy environment with outdoor opportunities.
  • Join us in our formal awards gala with music and dancing .
  • Be entertained by professionals
  • All resorts are 4+ star
  • Pools,& Jacuzzi
  • Your family can enjoy the resort while you are building your legacy, and then after the daily workshop spend time with them.
  • Gala for all including family so, they will witness your award ceremony and celebrate your accomplishments.

Expect the following for activities:
The activities have been thought out, and will affect you and your business forever! They are crafted and designed for the deliverables and our goal of conversions! They are facilitated by dynamic individuals with the desire to build, serve, and see you succeed!


  • Honesty
  • Growth
  • Interaction
  • Results
  • Group, One-on-one, & Panels
  • Video practice stations
  • Fun, silly, serious
  • Safe space
  • Filming
  • Immersive
  • Engaging

To get the most out of this workshop leave your ego behind, open up to the possibility of growth through discovery. Everyone is pre screened for authenticity , personality, strengths, desire to grow, openness to learn, willingness to ask questions, the desire to help others, and all share the mission to get more sales through conversions.