The Master Messaging Creation Weekend


Which of the following stages best describes where you are now?

Create and Launch Your Business

This is not a seminar! This is a workshop where we will build your business marketing foundation the right way, saving you thousands of dollars on hiring marketers before you have the ability and tools to convert leads into clients. Launch your business with an unfair advantage by building your marketing and branding on the foundation of proven & tested conversion methodologies. Walk away from The DFY Business Builder Workshop with deliverables ready to use and the knowledge to use them.

Accelerate Current Business & Network

You don’t need marketing, you need conversions! At the The DFY Business Builder Workshop we build a conversion foundation built on proven & tested methodologies that will convert leads into clients for you. Not only will we deep dive, discover, and define, we will build, create and deliver the cutting edge tools needed for you and your business to make money and be successful.

Investor Eco System Workshop

Technology has changed everything in our life, including how investors should invest in companies. We have created a proprietary investment system, built from our experience working with over 3,000 business since 2006. This system addresses the challenges you as an investor have when it comes to due diligence risk, team & leadership risk, capital risk, and quality deal flow.

Where is the next one?

Land Workshops

March 20th, 2020-UTAH

Sea Workshops

June 19-25, 2020-CARIBBEAN

Our Facilitators & Entertainers

Jamie Bunten

Jamie has been a business owner and trainer for more than two decades. During that time he also served in various mission-critical roles within the US Army Special Forces....

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Audra Hajj

Audra Hajj is the Founder & CEO of Phoenix Business Cycle LLC. She is also the creator of this workshop! She believed in getting things done, which is why...

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Nancy Mayer

Nancy Mayer is a profit strategist and business builder who has built several businesses and has helped others to become a “Top 500 fastest growing company”. She also...

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