$1 Million Impact Fund

Our third and biggest initiative launched since the merger is the Impact Fund. AIN is pledging $1 million worth of time, resources, teams, and capital to help business owners get back up and running as the economy reopens. We have allocated this money for the fund from our operational expenses. The fund will be contributed to businesses that qualify, in order to maximize the products and services that AIN provides them.

Here’s how the program works:

  1. Companies that need marketing, operations, and human resources services may apply
    to work with AIN.
  2. If a company qualifies for assistance from AIN, it will receive all services at matched in
    kind rate from the fund.
  3. AIN will partner with these companies to provide staff and services on-demand to rebuild
    the companies.
  4. AIN will also provide its teams, tools, resources, and technology to implement marketing
    and growth strategies for the companies.

As demonstrated by our recent initiatives, the future of business building, and investing in businesses is changing and AIN is leading that change through cutting edge technology and commitment to excellence. Would you join us as we reimagine the investment landscape?