Attend our next workshop in Utah on September 7th & 8th!

Where are you in the Business Builder Lifecycle?

Which of the following stages best describes where you are now?

Create and Launch Your Business

This is not a seminar, this is a workshop where we will build and teach you how to run your business successfully by implementing proven methodologies. You will walk away with a business plan, logo, website, marketing plan, knowledge, and 12 months worth of staff to push you into business success.

Networking & Investment Opportunities

Change your circle, include other business owners, thought leaders & entrepreneurs and watch how your life instantly changes. You will meet people with the same desire in life that you have. At our end of event gala, you could be on stage with other leaders receiving acknowledgment and an award for your efforts and business model.

Where is the next one?

4.5 Star Zermatt Resort in Utah!

Our Speakers

Audra Hajj

Audra Hajj is the Founder & CEO of Phoenix Business Cycle LLC. She has help build and restructure over 3000 business since 2006. Her teaching, marketing and sys-tems are built on proven methodologies, not theory. She is an international speaker, and has moved to Utah, where she is dedicated to help make Utah one of the strongest entrepreneurial states in the USA.

Paul Allen

Paul Allen has founded 8 companies during his entrepreneurial career. He is a local Utah success story and inspiration to all. You may know him most from witch he co-founded in the 90’s. Paul will share his insight on business success, but more importantly his invaluable insight into the strengths within individuals, and how you can build a strength-based life in and out of your company..